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[ 방명록 ]

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작성자 : 정호돈
날짜 : 2006-03-23
안녕 하세요 방글라데시에서 한국 plant 수출 업체 임니다 Kor-Bangla co., ltd
고객으로부터 아래 내용으로 생산 설비를 한국에서 찾아 달라는 부탁을 닫고 연락 드림니다
AA. As discussed, we are seriously interested to set up a Linear Alkyl
Benzene Sulphonic Acid (LABSA) plant. We are planning to set up a plant
that will use Linear Alkyl Benzene and Sulphuric acid as raw materials and
will produce about 4 MT per batch (5.5 hour for one batch). After the
reaction takes place, considerable quantity of acid of about 65 - 70 %
strength remains as waste. We must process this acid and and increase the
concentration so that it can be used again for manufacturing Labsa. Please
inform us whether you can supply this plant. We also understand that there
is a process that uses sulphur-tri-oxide instead of sulphuric acid. Please
also inform whether you can supply this process.
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